All Can Register

May 14, 1870


Registration is encouraged for all individuals, and claims of unjust registrations are refuted, since "whites" arein fact not disenfranchising "blacks." These statements are only meant to stir up troubles for "whites."


Those who are disqualified for holding office are nevertheless voters. We voted the prescriptive features out of the Constitution last year. Let all the disqualified register. The colored people have had entire justice at the registration precincts. The Evening Journal betrays a very bad spirit in attempting to disseminate the impression that they have not had full and fair opportunity to register their names. The fact that they were on Thursday night six hundred ahead in this city, which has beyond question a white majority, proves that there has certainly been no obstruction placed in their way. When will ultra Radicalism cease to manufacture wild and unstained accusations against the white people of Virginia? "We know no impudence more brazen than the trumped-up accusations of the Radicals. Their assurance is quite patent enough in coming here, utter strangers, claiming the offices of the State; but when they add their libels against the very people whose substance they want to live upon, their impudence surpasses all precedent. They are ever ready to bear tales to Washington, slandering the people whose hard-earned means they are trying to clutch. It matters not to what extent they imperil the public peace by exciting passions and hatreds in the bosom of society. Their own selfish ambition to rule the people who neither trust nor respect them deadens in them all sense of propriety and justice, and they would be willing to bring on any sort of calamity in their attempt to compass the grand object they have in view-the getting of office and the living upon an outraged people whom they are ever grossly slandering.
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“All Can Register,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed December 3, 2022,