Now for It

May 14, 1870


Sumner's bill for integration of public spaces for both "blacks" and "whites" will most likely be rejected by Conservatives in Congress. Additionally, the Conservatives claim the Radicals do not truly want to associate with the "blacks" in public.


Now for It.-Sumner has introduced a bill giving negroes the right to go to white people's hotels, churches, cars, schools, and places of amusement, We dare Congress to pass it. There's pluck for you. Not a bit of It. The passage of such a law would sink the Radical party lower than plummet ever sounded. Congress won't do it. But we are glad it has been proposed. The negroes will see for themselves that the Radicals have no idea of associating with them.
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“Now for It,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed October 19, 2018,