Another Virginia Radical Move

May 17, 1870


Republican Radicals are threatening to impose another period of reconstruction in Virginia as a result of acts of discrimination against "colored peoples" by Conservatives. The Conservatives question whether such an action is legal, since Virginia now has Congressional representation and multiple other states oppose the measure as well.


Another Virginia Radical Move - Washington, May 15.-Advices from Radical sources in Virginia indicate that the Republicans of that State intend to make an appeal to Congress for a supplemental reconstruction ruction, on the ground that the Conservatives are inciting outrages against the freedmen, and are endeavoring to keep the colored Republicans away from the registration now going on all over that State. It is possible that this is if mere threat, but the dissatisfaction of the Virginia Radicals at the conservative course of Governor Walker is known to be strong enough for them to appeal to Congress to remand Virginia to the condition of Georgia. Congress, however. declined to interfere in the Richmond mayoralty contest, and it is somewhat doubtful if it would heed a demand for interference with the general condition of affairs. A good many Republican members oppose General Butler in his belief that Congress has the right now to interfere ; with any State in the Union which is duly represented by senators and members.Washington telegram-Baltimore Sun.
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