Telegraphic News.

May 22, 1866


Congress resolves that the national debt which would be imposed on federal government should be placed upon the Southern states who attempted to secede.


TELEGRAPHIC NEWS- House.- The House to-day considered preamble and resolution of Mr. McClung, of Missouri, declaring - That the continued contumacy of the seceding States renders it necessary to exercise congressional legislation in order to give the loyal citizens of those States protection in their natural and personal rights enumerated in the Constitution, and, in addition thereto, makes it necessary to keep on foot a large standing army to maintain the authority of the Government. And whereas the country is already overburdened by the war debt, incurred to defend the nationality against an infamous rebellion, and it is neither just nor politic to inflict this vast additional expense on the peaceful industry of the nation ; therefore Resolved, That it be referred to the Committee on Reconstruction to inquire into the expediency of levying contributions on the seceding States to defray the extraordinary expenses that would otherwise be imposed on the General Government ; and that said committee be instructed to report by bill or otherwise.
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