Support the Ticket

May 23, 1870


In primary elections vote emotionally, in the final election vote based on your faith, but no matter if your favorite candidate wins, it is the success of the Conservative party that really matters.


Support the Ticket. "Vote for your personal friends at the "primary election. Vote for your faith at '' the final election." No other means of harmonizing the conflicting wishes of the persons composing a great party is known. The nominees must be supported. None of us succeeded in getting all the men nominated for whom we voted. Our preferences did not agree with those of a majority of the voters in the cases in which our friends were defeated. Shall we therefore complain ? Never. We bow to the will of the majority. We know that whilst it is not important that any given man should obtain a particular office, it is highly import ant that the Conservative party should have it.
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“Support the Ticket,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed November 27, 2021,