The telegram in reference to

June 15, 1870


The bill for Congressional representation reapportioning will benefit Virginia Conservatives, since their position as the majority party in Virginia will enable them to elect another Conservative representative.


The telegram in reference to the reapportionment of representation in Congress which appeared in the Dispatch of yesterday came to hand after our editorial paragraph on the same subject was written. According to the telegram, the bill before Congress provides that any additional representatives to which a State may be found entitled are to be elected at large. If so, the Conservatives will certainly have it in their power to elect these additional representatives, as we have a large majority in the State. The districting of the state was however, so badly done by the Underwood Convention that the work ought to be done over as soon as possible. Since writing the above we have received a copy of the bill, and find that it provides that the additional representatives shall be elected at large "unless otherwise provided by such State."
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“The telegram in reference to,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed May 20, 2022,