The Tax on Tobacco

May 23, 1866


The House agrees to revise the tax bill on tobacco due to the important crop being ruined by unfavorable growing conditions and lack of labor due to recent emancipation of slaves.


Special Telegram to the Dispatch. The Tax on Tobacco. Washington, May 22.- The House, after an extended discussion, to-night fixed the tax bill relating to tobacco as follows: On all kinds of snuff, 40 cents per pound; on Cavendish, twist, plug, and all other kinds of manufactured tobacco not herein otherwise provided for, 40 cents per pound ; on tobacco twisted by hand or otherwise rendered consumable without the use of machinery, or without being pressed, sweetened, or prepared, 30 cents per pound; on all kinds of fine-cut chewing tobacco. 40 cents per pound ; on all kinds of smoking tobacco not sweetened, nor stemmed, nor butted, 10 cents per pound ; on cigarettes and cigars not valued at over six dollars per thousand, the tax shall be $2 per thousand ; all other cigars shall be taxed $4 per thousand, and forty per cent
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