The Word "White."

July 6, 1870


The word "white" has been eliminated from the naturalization laws and condemned in its use in Congress. However by a vote the word was reincorporated. This is hypocritical considering all the movements towards racial equality. How can Radicals do such things when they condemned the South for doing the same."


Sumner can doubtless say with Hamlet, "The time is out of Joint - oh, cursed spite, That ever I was born to set it right" The word "white," which has been kicked out of Congress time and again during the last ten years- which has for all that time been a pariah among words which even so lately as last Saturday was. ignominiously stricken from the naturalization laws by a vote of the United States Senate- this poor, despised, maltreated adjective was on Monday by a vote of more than two to one reincorporated into the naturalization laws! We own that this is an almost incredible statement. It is totally inconsistent with everything that has been done and said by the same Senate for many years past ; yet it, nevertheless, seems to be true. John Chinaman has won this victory for us of the South. But what must the negroes think of their Republican or Radical Congress, which thus refuses to allow' the yellow Mongolian to be naturalized? And how must not these same Radicals despise themselves and mourn over their hypocrisy when they remember how often they have denounced the southern people for doing what they have just done themselves discriminating in favor of the white and against an inferior race?
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