Re-organization of the Conservative Party.

July 11, 1870


The combination of the Democratic and Conservative parties is encouraged, since the party names only serve to identify unions of members and there is no point in having two isolated groups with similar ideologies.


The Conservative members of the Legislature have acted wisely in determining to maintain and perfect the organization of the Conservative party. It may be true that there are only two great parties in this country- the Republican and the Democratic - and that we may not be able to create a now party which shall be coextensive with the Union ; but that is no reason why we should call ourselves " Democrats" or " Republicans." The Enquirer, which we had understood as favoring the merging of our organization in that of the national Democratic party, and as ridiculing the idea of having a " Conservative" party in Virginia, seems to be perfectly satisfied with the action of the members of the Legislature. It declares that " names are nothing more than indications of purpose and signs of union " ; and that the name of our party " has had its meaning fully interpreted by the declarations and the action of those who organized it." So that we are not to be troubled hereafter by any querulous complaints as to the name our party bears.
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“Re-organization of the Conservative Party.,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed February 1, 2023,