Farmville - Corporation Election Good Crops - High Bridge.

August 1, 1870


The Farmville election for mayor and council positions may have had voter fraud, but the Republican ticket won. The newly elected mayor will aid Farmville in replicating Richmond's economic growth by promoting agriculture and infrastructure construction like a high bridge.


High Bridge, July 29, 1870. " The stranger within the gates " of Farmville could not fail to-day to see that the usual calm of this ordinarily quiet and respectable town had been disturbed by some event of interest. On inquiry he would learn that an election took place yesterday, to which the citizens attached much importance. The late General Assembly amended the art of the incorporation of Farmville, giving the town a mayor, nine councilmen, and other officers. The first election, under the new charter, was held on the 28th July, 1870. The Conservative and Republican parties each had tickets to be voted for. The former was headed by Dr. W. W. H. Thackston as mayor, and the latter had the name of J. Seymour Holmes, Esq., the candidate for the same office. Two hundred or more ballots had been deposited in the box, when it was ascertained that by some mistake in the manuscript furnished the printer the Republicans were voting for nine "Trustees" instead of "Councilmen" mentioned in the charter. The election, however, continued, and resulted in the choice of Dr. Thackston (Conservative) by eleven votes over his competitor. It is alleged that but for the mistake referred to the Republican ticket (except for mayor) would have led the Conservative nomination by about a dozen votes. The commissioners of election return the Conservative councilmen. Whether Farmville, ambitious of imitating its metropolitan neighbor Richmond, will have an election contest over its municipal officers has not yet transpired. It is creditable to all parties to see that there was an entire absence of angry feeling in the election, and that there is 110 difference of opinion on the admitted fact that the mayor-elect, a most respected citizen and gentleman, will discharge the duties of his trust with great fidelity and with entire satisfaction to all parties. There are pleasing evidences of returning prosperity in old "Prince Edward. The farmers wear a more cheerful look. The crops-especially of corn and tobacco-are fully equal to "the most successful of the late years' planting. It is supposed that the buyers of the " weed" have made profits on the past year's adventures, and the " good time coming," it is hoped, is not far off. The gentlemen from the North who own and are working farms in this county and Cumberland command the confidence and respect generally of all who have had the good fortune to make their acquaintance. They all seem to be very diligently engaged in the commendable employment of attending to their own business. The high bridge is rapidly progressing to completion, and the belief is that trains can pass over this great iron structure by the 15th August. It is also asserted that the contractors will assort the right to charge the company for the use of the bridge till the 1st September, when by their contract they must deliver it. What foundation there is for such a rumor we know not. Hampden.
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