Heavy Taxation

May 29, 1866


A ruined body of white Southerners is being taxed more heavily than before the Civil War. The majority of southern businessmen and merchants suffer with a large tax burden.


HEAVY TAXATION Of our Merchants and other Business men- A Ruined People paying more Taxes than Before the War. Little more than twelve months ago more than three millions of dollars of real estate and seven millions of dollars of personal property belonging to our citizens were destroyed by fire, to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands of dollars of bank, insurance, and other stocks rendered worthless by the events of the war. Our worthiest capitalists were brought to the very verge of bankruptcy, our most enterprising men of large means were ruined, and all, down to the poorest man in the community, felt the stunning blow. Before this impoverished people have had time to recover from the whirl and which swept their all away- nay, even before they have had time to realize the depth of poverty into which they have plunged by fire, and sword, and robbery and while they are struggling to rise above their great misfortunes, and to make a fresh start in life- they are pressed down a burthen of taxation greater than was ever imposed on them in the most prosperous period in the history of our nation.
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