Mr. Steven's New Scheme of Reconstruction

May 29, 1866


Radical Stevens proposes to acknowledge the South for governmental purposes, deciding that they should be permitted to create their new governments and constitutions which will be approved or rejected by Congress.


Mr. Stevens's New Scheme of Reconstruction. Our telegrams inform us that Mr. Stevens has made another effort to "head Andrew Johnson. " He proposes to acknowledge the present southern State governments "for municipal purposes," and to allow the people to proceed to organize their governments and form new constitutions, to be submitted to Congress for approval or rejection. Thad has "gone clean daft." The southern people are not so anxious to secure representation in Congress as he imagines; and they certainly will not allow the President's policy to be over-ridden in this manner. They will stand by Mr. Johnson as long as he adheres to his own plan. Thad's scheme possesses no merit. He cannot compel its adoption by the south; and it will not be voluntarily accepted. We have no room for further comment.
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