Important Railroad Connections Effected and In Progress

September 13, 1870


Around the state of Virginia, incredible progress has been made to its various railroads.


This connection, so important to the travelling public, has been in successful operation since the 1st instant. Passengers are no longer transferred through the city in omuibusses, but by a road of easy grade at thr southern end of the Petersburg bridge, and without leaving the cars are carried down or up to the trains on either road. We learn that the number of passengers thus transferred is about seventy-five daily, and is steadily on the increase. This will ever be the case. Travelers are always impatient of delay, and invariably seek the route which "puts them through" in the shortest time and with the least inconvenience. Thus, we expect to see this already popular route receiving: daily additions to its list of passengers. Direct lines, cheap fares, close connections at terminal roads, attention to wants of travelers, and good sleeping-cars, make this line one of the shortest and most popular routes between the northern and southern portions of our country. In this connection we will mention that the iron which is to link together the Richmond and Danville and the Richmond and York Paver roads has been purchased and is on the ground. Work has already been commenced. The additions which are deemed necessary to the bridge, where the former road now crosses the canal, are nearly completed, and then the track between the two roads will be laid immediately. The route which has been selected passes down Water street to the old gashouse, thence through the alley between Water and Cary streets to Eighteenth, thence down Dock street to the York River depot. The Chesapeake and Ohio railroad will also commence at once the construction of the road through the city, which is to connect also with the York River road. This track is to pass along Union to Eighteenth street, thence down Eighteenth to Dock, uniting on this street with the connection of the Richmond and Danville and Richmond and York River railroads. When these connections have been completed there will be practical connections in side the city limits of all the roads entering the city, and not only will the convenience of passengers be subserved, but freight can be transferred from one line of railway to an other without handling or breaking bulk.
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