A Conservative Colored Man Shows His Pluck

October 18, 1870


Despite being African-American and a Conservative, Abram Hall made the choice to speak out during the Radical Nomination Convention. He was met with anger from the ground, and was forced to leave, only to return later, backed this time by both white and black Conservatives.


Surprise was expressed in our issue of yesterday that a colored Conservative enjoying the confidence of this community like Abram Hall should have attended the Radical Nominating Convention at the county court-house, on Saturday. We have since been informed that Hall went there from most praiseworthy motives, and during the meeting avowed his Conservative sentiments, even at the risk of his life. He branded the statement of one of the speakers that the whites wished again to enslave the blacks as a lie, and denounced without mercy the craven fellow who abused General Lee. For these offences against Radicalism Hall was greeted with cries of "Put him out!" ''Kill him!" etc., when he took the stand, in response to the calls of his friends. And he actually was put out of the house. Backed by white and colored Conservatives, however, he returned to the charge, and did not leave the room again until the Scalawags adjourned.
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