Mixture of Races

October 29, 1870


A statement put out by a professor in New York has peeked the interest of The Daily Dispatch. In his statement, the professor describes the mixing of races as truly evil and degrading.


We have frequently commented upon the evil of mixing up the races, the political troubles and governmental degradation which must flow from such a mixture, and the impossibility of leveling up the lower races when mixed with the higher, but the certainty of degrading the higher race to a level with the inferior, where the mixture and the equality of distinct races is forced upon the body politic and long maintained. It appears that Professor Agassiz has had his attention directed to this subject, and is fully impressed with the dangerous consequences of the intermingling of incompatible races. The New York Commercial Advertiser calls attention to a remark made by the Professor, and appends to it a brief comment of its own which is worthy of attention. We copy the paragraph : "Let any one," says Professor Agassiz, "who doubts the evil of the mixture of races, and is inclined, from a mistaken philanthropy, to break down all barriers between them, visit Brazil." He could avoid the expense and fatigue of so long a journey, and learn the same lesson, by a visit to Sullivan street in this city at any hour of the day.
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