A Suggestion

November 1, 1870


In the wake of the news of the Radicals using the army as an intimidation method at the elections, the Daily Dispatch has a suggestion - a way for Virginia to fight back.


The Radical Congress commences the work of carrying elections with the aid of the army by requiring Federal officials to interfere only when Congressmen are to be elected. This is the first step. The next will be a bolder move. Now, we suggest to the Virginia Legislature - and our New York friends may profit if they can by the suggestion - the passage of a law requiring the ballots for Congressmen to be put into a separate box, and this box to be placed far enough from the box or boxes into which the ballots for State or city official deposited us to afford to petty tools of a military tyranny no excuse for meddling with persons who wish only to vote for officers with whose election Congress does not claim the right or the power to interfere. Thus we shall circumvent the enemies of free goverment. For, whilst the minions of power may exclude by force many voters from the congressional box, they cannot exclude one from the State and city boxes. Let us withstand these traitors to their race - these men who would destroy every civil right to perpetuate their own rule - once more, and we may yet eave the republic. The news from West Virginia should arouse the enthusiasm of every patriot. All is not lost yet.
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