The Radical Ticket

November 4, 1870


In response to the Radical party electing their ticket for Mayor of the city, John W. Jenkins, the Conservatives have a few things they would like to say about said candidate.


The Radical party of this city, in convention yesterday evening, after prolonged deliberation, elected a ticket for the city, which will be found in the local department of this morning's Dispatch. At the head of it stands Mr. John W. Jenkins for Mayor, than which a more objectionable nomination could hardly have been made by the Radicals out of the very indifferent cage full of personages from which they had to make their selection. It would be a horrible fate of this citt to have Mr. John W. Jenkins as its Mayor. It would seem that the Radical party had tried its ingenuity in the way of offering insult to a city already the victim of outrage and calamity. In presenting his name, there is not one quality that we are aware of possessed by this nominee that can commend him to the public approbation - not one that makes him lit for the position for which he is presented to this much-injured and patience-worn community. He is quite notorious, and his notoriety is most offensive to the senses of all good people. Now, if an election shall take place, we will not regard it as possible that a ticket headed by John W. Jenkins stands a chance of being elected in this city It is in the last degree offensive to our people, and should at once call forth the public indignation, heal all dissensions in the Conservative ranks, and unite all in one grand effort to overwhelm it with defeat.
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