To The Polls, Friends

November 8, 1870


The Conservatives continue to rally their troops in order to get all many numbers in the polls as they can.


We trust no impassioned appeal is necessary to induce every Conservative voter to go this day and cast his vote against oppression and pains and penalties, and against the party of incompetency and faithlessness. The Radicals now leading the party have sought ever since the war to degrade the white people and disable them by all sorts of pains and disfranchisements. Will any Conservative fail to vote against them? Have we not abundance of reason in the facts staring us in the face to move us to this duty? Have we not the presence of soldiers and the array of deputy marshals congregated here to interfere with the gentle, dignified, and just administration of the civil authority, which is favorable to order and so congenial with personal liberty. Have we not the records of the State blackened by the crimes and peculations of the Radicals who were forced info the office of the State by the Federal Government? Shall we, by default or desertion to the enemy, aid the cause of such a party? Let us stand by Ordway for Congress, and Keiley and his ticket for the city. If we give to these a triumph, we shall end the days of our oppressors - the unscrupulous intruders will soon disappear. Fail in this, and you give them a new lease upon Virginia. They will "run the State" to further degradation and misery, and you will have painfully to contemplate her condition, with no power to help her.
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“To The Polls, Friends,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed May 17, 2022,