Southern Baptist Convention

June 1, 1866


The speaker of the Southern Baptist Convention urges that the Gospel, not education or law, can mold blacks into a white society.


Rev. Mr. Lorimer said that he supposed he had been called on to speak because he was a Kentuckian, and that he expressed the universal sentiment ot Kentucky Baptists when he avowed himself in favor of standing by our own organizations as southern Baptists, and vigorously prosecuting our work. The speaker eloquently urged that the Gospel in its purity is the hope of the land, and that this Board should be sustained in carrying to the destitute, both white and black, the Word of Life. Rev. Dr. Burrows, of Virginia, spoke of the great work done in the Confederate army, largely through the instrumentality of his Board, and of the wide field now open in the destitute parts of the south. We must give the Gospel to the negroes and to the immigrants that come among us, in order to mould them to our societyneither education nor law can mould tins population. The Gospel must do it; and this Board a very important means of promoting it. Kentucky has done a noble work for the Board, and old Virginia, God bless her, is beginning to do something too.
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