The Raging and Threatening

November 10, 1870


This article fires back at the anger and rage felt by the Radicals in the wake of the election news.


The Rads are terribly enraged at the result of the election in this city. The Journal pours out the vials of its wrath as the best consolation which it can impart to its readers. "Bitter words" indeed are they. It is a great wrong that these people have done the men who are trying to take possession of the public places, and to rule a community which they have tried in every way to oppress. It is a great wrong, indeed, to reject these intrusive adventurers who command neither the respect nor the confidence of those whose money they want to handle, and whose affairs they want to control. Hard indeed is it thus to repudiate incompetent and untrustworthy persons whose brother partisans have stolen the money of the State by the hundred thousand dollars. We don't wonder at the bitterness of the Journal, nor the sad disappointment of its conductor, now failing in the effort to get into office for the fifth or sixth time - having knocked in vain at the custom-house, and Congress, his own people repudiating him and compelling him afterwards to support his bitter enemy, Porter. It is good to read the Journal's just indignation on these things.
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