Biographies of General Lee

December 1, 1870


Despite General Lee dying a short time ago, many have come forward with biographies of his life. However, one biography stands to be more reliable and desirable than all others - one written by Colonel Marshall.


Several biographies, or lives, of the late General Lee, are advertised. Some of them are nearly ready for publication, though General Lee has been dead little more than a month,It is known that the family of General Lee has entrusted his MSS, and family papers to Col. Chas. Marshall, of Baltimore, with the request that he shall undertake the work of writing a history of the life and campaigns of General Lee. Colonel Marshall was the aid and confidential private secretary of the General, and is eminently qualified for the work entrusted to him.The task of writing either history or biography is very delicate and difficult. To the best qualifications for its performance the author should add the most favorable opportunities to obtain facts necessary for his work. Colonel Marshall has these opportunities, which are not open to others. His book, therefore, will be the most desirable, because the most reliable and authentic; and those who want this sort of history of the great Southern General and his campaigns, may, with a little patience, be gratified. Those who are not particular, however, and have not the patience, can have the benefit of the steam machine for the manufacture of books. They may, however, after reading them, not feel altogether sure that they know all that it is true about General Lee.
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