Reconstruction to be Reconstructed

January 4, 1871


President Grant announced that he is planning to send a special message about the condition of the Southern states' reunification with the Union. Grant believes that this process needs to be revamped and congressional action needs to occur if there is to be any progress. Grant will appoint a committee that will come to the southern states that were part of the Confederacy to assess what he deems is the extremely bad state of Reconstruction in the South.


Reconstruction to be Reconstructed. [By Telegraph to the Tribune.]. Washington, Jan. 1. It is reported here that the President will send a special message, as soon as Congress reassembles, relating to the condition of the southern State. Accompanying the message will be a considerable amount of testimony in the shape of reports, & from military and other officers, which, in the judgment of the President, show that a very bad state of affairs exists in many sections of the South. It is believed that he will recommend that Congress appoint a committee of its members to thoroughly investigate the condition of affairs. It is represented that the President's views are very decided as to the need of action by Congress.
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