The New Move

January 4, 1871


This editorial to the people of Richmond disgraces Radicalism, for Radicals are the root of the political party polarization after the bulk of Reconstruction. Richmond has been in a resting period, just gaining stability after the war, and now the time has come for Richmond to thrive once again. The Dispatch urges citizens to wait out the end of Reconstruction, for the end is near and southern values will rise once again.


The New Move-The Fredericksburg Herald (Major Kelly's paper) disposes of this question in a few practical, sensible paragraphs. Hear it: "There are always uneasy gentry around who think things are not improving unless they themselves are moving. There are no elections at hand demanding an awakening and revivifying of the forces now in a state of supreme rest. We are all dragging along quietly, and discern no maelstrom whither we are drifting. Those who acted with us in 1869, and who have since gone off, will not return at the call of a convention, be it called Conservative, Democratic, of True Republican. The few who have departed are goners. The clover was not luxuriant on our side of the fence. Whilst it stood rank and inviting, in the way of Federal offices, on the other. When the period the national races is more advanced, and when delegates will have to be chosen to represent Virginia in the National Democratic and Anti-Radical Convention, then we esteem it will be the time for the assembling of the anti-radical elements of Virginia in a state convention. Let us bide our time, so that when we will strike it will be with a purpose, and a blow that will send the Radicalism reeling to its political grace."
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