Public School Appointment

January 5, 1871


In Henrico county, numerous White teachers were appointed for each school, but only one African-American teacher was appointed for the school, and there were vacant positions for African-American school teachers.


Public School Appointments in Henrico-At a meeting of the Board of School Trustees for the Tuckahoe township, held on the 3rd inst., the following teachers were appointed, viz: At Harvey, Mrs. Julia A. Morse, principal, and 31 ins Kate Wren, assistant; at West Hampton, Mrs. Florence Talley; at Ridge Church, H. C. Maxwell, principal, Miss Sophia Duval, assistant; at Leak's, A. 15. Stuart, teacher. Roberta Scott (colored) was appointed for the colored school in Sidney. There are three more vacancies for teachers of colored schools in the township. Arrangements have been made for the opening of the above schools on the 10th inst. The teachers above named will please meet at the school-house in Harvy, on Monday, the 9th inst., at 12 M., to sign the contracts and receive directions. The secretary of the board will be present.
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