Radical Outrages

January 5, 1871


President Grant is seeking congressional help to address rebel outrages in the South, despite the fact that outrages are diminishing. Nonetheless, Grant is not breaking any law by doing so, for it will help further and continue what he deems as Reconstruction in the South.


Radical Outrages. We published yesterday some account of the rascality of the Florida Radicals, showing how they have reversed the decision of the people and arrested the State authority, that they might consummate their outran. Yet General Grant is said to intend to call down the power of Congress upon the South on account of what he would no doubt style "Rebel outrages." The only great outrages we have known in the South of an official nature were Radical outrages of a piece with this in Florida. But as the Federal Executive sustained the outrages of Holden in North Carolina, we cannot suppose that he regards any violation of law by Radicals as improper and inconsistent with the public peace. That is a view so incompatible with justice and honor-so destructive of the peace and dignity of the Union-that all who entertain it are bound to be "reconstructed." The country cannot exist save as a vulgar despotism as long as such contempt for law and Constitution is displayed in the Executive head of the Government at Washington.
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