Radical Projects for Further Reconstruction

January 7, 1871


For the future presidential election, the Democrats will carry every southern state, and they are concerned about the interests of the Republican party. Senator Morton called to address the disturbances in the South. The answer from Congress will show that the South does not want amnesty and will show opposition against the government. This will prohibit complete amnesty.


Radical Projects fob Additional Reconstruction-[Washington correspondence New York Herald.]- The leading members of the Republican party have for some time past manifested considerable anxiety as to the part the Southern States will play in the next Presidential election, It is generally conceded that in the present condition of affairs there the Democrats are certain to carry every State south of the ancient Mason and Dixon's line, except, perhaps, South Carolina. This is a disappointment to those who have been engaged in reconstructing the Southern States in the interest of the Republican party, and the question now is how to bring them back and keep them under the Republican banner. Just before the holiday recess Senator Morton introduced a resolution calling upon the President for information concerning the recent disturbances in North Carolina and other States, where it is alleged the laws of the United States have been defied and resisted. This resolution was so worded as to allow the answer to embrace all the Southern States. It is understood that some time this week the answer to the resolution will be sent to the Senate. This is the special message on the condition of the Southern States which it has been stated the President would send to Congress. This answer from the Executive will show that the Southern people are far from being in a condition to deserve or appreciate amnesty. It will further show that a feeling of opposition to the Government exists which has not been equalled since the close of the rebellion. This Information will probably be made to serve two purposes- first, to "silence those who are demanding general amnesty, and second, to afford an excuse for something like a fresh reconstruction of the Southern States. The President's reply will likely be referred to a special committee, which will be instructed to investigate the facts and report what legislation is necessary to secure the enforcement of the laws and the protection of life and property. In the meantime several prominent Republicans from the South are here and others are expected to cooperate with the reconstructionists in Congress.
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