City Taxation

June 1, 1866


The Richmond City Council imposes taxes higher than those that were issued before the war. On top of state and federal taxation, this city tax cripples the Richmond population that still struggles to recover.


We presented to our readers a few days since a statement of the amount of taxation imposed by the City Council upon the people of Richmond. We proved by comparison that the amount of taxes now imposed was greater than when the city was in the most flourishing condition; that they were unequal and inconsistent- varying widely in the same species of taxation on the same branch of business. Such taxation at a time like this, when so many of our people are eating up their substance- like the boars in winter, subsisting upon their accumulated fat until the spring- the spring of a revived trade, which it is to be feared is yet many months distant- such taxation, when we are yet sitting amidst the ruins of our town, and there is no business to yield profit or encourage enterprise, is most onerous. We cannot imagine how it should have been deemed probable that it could be endured in addition to the impositions of the State and Federal Government. The aggregate of the city tax of all kinds is $363,797.92.
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