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February 2, 1871


The two main topics regarding Virginia at this time, a question of a state Senator and the railroads, are not viewed as disconnected subjects, but they should be, and would have been in the wonderful pre-war days of Virginia. To solve this, the caucus needs to be split up so they do not combine and confuse unrelated issues.


The Senatorial question is the only thing that we heard above the roaring of the steam from the railroad pot, and it is to be feared that the two hubbubs are not as entirely disconnected as they ought to be, and as they would have been in the better days of Virginia and the former days of the Legislature. It is impossible to foretell the result of the balloting in March next; but this much may be put down as certain, that if caucus should be broken up, as many are striving hard to do, not one of the names mentioned here will be beard from again. There will be an entirely new deal.
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