Old Dominion Sugar-Refining Company

February 2, 1871


The Old Dominion Sugar-Refining Company is calling for stockholders of this company. This company is an example of the manufacturing businesses that will be a great resource and asset of the city of Richmond.


Old Dominion Sugar-Refining Company. This company was regularly organized yesterday, and, as will be seen by an advertisement in another column, Mr. John E. Womble, the treasurer, has been instructed by the board of directors to call on the stockholders, on the 11th instant, for the first installment of ten per cent., which will be due on that day. We congratulate the company on their success in raising the stock, and hail with great pleasure this addition to the manufacturing establishments of our city. The building in which the work will be carried on is known as Myers's building, on 17th and Dock streets. It is most admirably adapted for the purpose, being of great capacity, great strength, and having a water front on two sides and a railway turn-table immediately in the rear. Mr. Meyer, the refiner employed by the company, is a gentleman of great experience and skill in his business. The establishment will give in and out of doors employment to a large number of hands. The officers of the company are: C. T. Wortham, president; S. A. Myers, Wm. 11. Montague, T. C. Williams, Albert Ordway, directors; secretary and treasurer, John E. Womble. These gentlemen are well known in this community as practical and prominent business men, and will no doubt carry on the work energetically and successfully.
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