Why Should Ge. Mahone

March 11, 1871


The Dispatch is questioning why General Mahone gets the sole rights to the railroad and takes it away from the city and the Virginian company. It is unfair that he gets every motion passed that he desires, and sacrifices the prosperity of Richmond.


Why Should Gen, Mahone and his friends longer press his effort'to get possession of the Richmond and'Petersburg railroad, when the purposes of'Bridgers and his friends and the nine citizens of Richmond have been so frankly'and unreservedly avowed? Why do so'when these gentlemen are prepared to'grant General Mahone every facility that'he can reasonably desire? It is astonishing that in the face of facts the question'should be pressed farther upon the Legislature at this very late period of the session. The matter ought to be ended at'once by the acceptance of the offer of nine'citizens, with the acquiescence of General'Mahone, under his faith in the pledges of'men who cannot be doubted.
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