The New Turn of the Screw-The KuKlux Bill Agreed Upon

March 14, 1871


The KuKlux outrage committee passed a bill allowing government and military intervention if necessary to stop members of the Kuklux from perpetrating crimes.


Washington, March 14..The joint committee appointed by the caucuses of the'two houses recommend the adoption substantially of Butler 's kuklux bill. It'authorities the President to employ troops'to suppress disorders without the requisition of the State governments, establishes'an elaborate code for the trial and punishment of "kuklux" by the Federal courts,'makes any one of a disguised band responsible for the acts of the undetected members'of it, makes all damage done by such bands'payable by the counties wherein it occurs,'and requires that jurors trying all such cases'of "outrages" shall have taken the ironclad oath.'The report of the committee was discussed three hours in caucus, and strong opposition to both the military and judicial features of the bill in the Senate caucus'was evinced. The caucus adjourned until'to-morrow without action. It is believed'that the Senate caucus will agree to put'the bill upon its passage without material'modification. The House caucus is considering the report to-night.
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