A Glorious Victory Indeed!

March 16, 1871


The House of Delegates gave the control of the Richmond-Petersburg railroad to the committee of nine by one vote. This is a great victory, for now the committee of nine will have control of the Rail and be able to prioritize the interests of Virginia.


Last night the House of Delegates adopted the proposition of the nine Richmond gentleman'by the affirmative vote of SEVENTY-ONE-'one more than the number required by the Constitution to pass it.'The bill having originated in the Senate,'goes back to that body, as amended, and'we have no doubt the amendment will be'here concurred in.'We say that this is a glorious victory :'glorious alike to Richmond and to Virginia.'The members of the House who so nobly'stood by this city in this critical matter deserve the thanks of the whole State.'The House has thus put the seal of its'reprobation upon railroad entanglements'and complications, and declared in favor of'the independence of lines identical in interest-in favor of a fair and unrestrained'competition of the independent lines as the'surest way to protect the public and general interests of the State-the surest way'to develope the energies and resources of'the country and increase the wealth of'State and people.'We honor the House for its sense of'justice in refusing to place the private stockholders of the Richmond and Petersburg'road, against their wishes, under the control of a man whose railroad line is not'identified with theirs in business or interest.'The triumph is great. The consequences'of the passage of this bill will be beneficial'to all-to the Southside consolidated line,'to Gen. Mahone, to the Richmond and Petersburg road, and to Richmond. The'Southside consolidated line will have the'concentrated attention of its chief officer,'and the line and its officer will be the better'off for that, while the Richmond and Petersburg road will be left without disturbance, lo work in harmony with the roads'identified with it that run along the Southern Atlantic coast, expanding the business'of the joint line, and increasing its profits,'to the great advantage of this city. This is'a great blessing.'The day of restrictions, delays, and those'old fogy systems so appalling and oppressive to the energy and spirit of a people, is'about ended. A new era dawns upon Virginia. We shall soon have four independent competing lines running North and'South through the State. They will be independent, and their competition will give'new life to all of our interests and protect'us from monopolies and the inefficiency of'mismanagement.'The near approach of this grand consummation is most cheering. The great western lines, equally relieved from narrow minded'policies and impracticable complications, will be vigorously conducted, we'doubt not, " responsive to the interests of'Virginia," and the Commonwealth will'rapidly grow in trade, manufactures, population, and wealth.'Let the Senate endorse the liberal and'wise action of the House, and it will give'a vigorous blow to keep the ball in motion.
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