The Brighter Day

March 23, 1871


The Washington and Richmond line will connect the two cities and bring even more prosperity and national connections, immigration and wealth to the city of Richmond.


The event in our railroad history which'was consummated yesterday In the Capitol'is a grand stride towards that stage In the'railroad progress in Virginia which will'diffuse general hope, energy, and prosperity.'We shall have our northern and southern'lines (of which there arc four) independent'of each other, and protecting the trade and'travel by their competition and rapid transportation and low fares. Virginia will thus'be brought nearer to (he people of other'States north and south, especially when we'have the all-rail route from Richmond to'Washington. Our advantages will be better advertised, better known, and better'appreciated. Immigration will be stimulated,'capital invited for investment, and a'few years will bring about a wonderful improvement in the face of Virginia, especially in Richmond. 'Our western connections will be completed, and a new and extensive trade'be opened in that direction for Virginia'cities. The great Chesapeake and Ohio will'be finished within a little over a year from'this date. It will then open a current of'trade from the Ohio to the Chesapeake. No'man has yet, in his greatest enthusiasm,'over-estimated the commerce to flow into'Virginia through that line.'The A., M. & O. road will be increasing its tribute to Virginia's wealth,'and from west, southwest, and south,'Virginia will see the steady currents'of prosperity flowing in upon her. Richmond, in a few years, will have her direct'line westward to Lynchburg, either'through the Chesapeake and Ohio line or'by a separate road. This is demanded in'justice to the largest city in the State and'to the wants of commerce.'All these things are now near at hand.'They will place Virginia upon the platform'of equality with other sections of the'Union for facility and speed of intercourse.'The media of this intercourse will constitute those arteries for commerce which,'like water, wherever the conduits are afforded, will inevitably find its level.'So people of Virginia and Richmond'are about to see our commerce free and'unshackled. liberated from private greed,'old fogyism, and the blind policy of personal ambition. The ways of commerce'will make straight the crooked paths, and'traverse the narrow plans of sectionalism,'and secure to enterprise and industry and'skill a complete triumph.'The prospect is bright indeed, and all'should address themselves to their undertaking with renewed hope and vigor.
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