From Washington

April 3, 1871


The Kuklux Bill is at the forefront of issues in Congress, and will occupy Congress for at least a week. The motion, which Republicans agree with, will probably pass, according to the Dispatch.


The kuklux bill still engages the attention of Congress, and is likely, to the exclusion of all other subjects, until the end of next week, if not longer. I am confirmed In the opinion that the present measure will fail, or else leading Republicans will not stand up to private views which have been expressed concerning it. The more discussion it receives, the better will be the effect among the masses... There is hardly any doubt that the kuklux bill now pending in the House will be materially modified. If, however, all amendments should be voted down, there is every reason to believe that there will be a majority in favor of laying the bill on the table. A vote will probably be taken on Monday or Tuesday. Leading members express the opinion that if the bill passes the House, the discussion in the Senate, and the subsequent debate in the House on any amendments which the Senate may make, will protract the session to the 1st of May.
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