Progress of the James River Improvements

April 26, 1871


The Dispatch details the menial improvements made on the James River.


The Dispatch has kept the public fully informed of the progress made by the United Sates and city engineers in tho improvement of the James river. The weather now i-s most favorable for the work, and it is being pushed ahead with a great deal of energy. Yesterday an examination was made of the Rocketts reef, and an experiment was made. by Mr. Townsend, of Boston, on the removal of the rock by the agency of Dualin the new Prussian explosive compound. The experiment Was eminently successful. At Drewry's Bluff Prof. Maillefert is still busy on the wrecks of the Jamestown, Richmond and other steamers, and has gotten out a vast quantity of iron, which has been sold to metal dealers in Richmond, the demand for it being great. Prof. M. expect-to get through with his labors at Drewry's Bluff in a few weeks, but it may require a couple of months yet. Colton Co.. of Philadelphia, with a large force, two steam-dredges, and a tug, are steadily employed at Dutch Gap, and are getting along finely. Considerable progress has also been made in the crib-work for retaining dredging material at Warwick's bar. and the city dredges are at work on the channel at Rocketts, preparatory to deepening it from Warwick up. Altogether, we have reason to believe that this important improvement is getting along quite as well as could be expected, and those having it in charge are entitled to the thanks of all public-spirited citizens for their energy and general efficiency.
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