Mr.Davis's Living Quarters and Fare.

June 29, 1866


Northerners complain that Jefferson Davis is living a life of luxury while he is supposed to be imprisoned.


Bitter complaint is made that the Government is supporting Mr. Davis in a style of more than ordinary comfort. By whose authority these reports are framed and circulated it is impossible to say, but we can say very positively that they are not true. The rooms occupied bv Mrs. Davis are scantily furnished with furniture of the most ordinary kind, purchased hy herself. Mr. Davis's condition of health precludes him from living on the Government rations offered him, and he consequently draws none. His table is supplied by food bought by himself, and it is of the simplest sort. At night he occupies a room in Carroll Hall, on three sides of which are grated openings, and he is this compelled to sleep under the ever-watching eyes of sentinels.
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