The Press on the National Convention

July 7, 1866


The few Democratic members of Congress publicize their support of the future National Convention in Philadelphia. Their address has given white Southerners faith in cooperation and honesty within the Union.


We publish in another column the address of the Democratic members of Congress "to the people of the United States," endorsing the call for the assembling of a National Convention at Philadelphia on the 14th of August. The style and temper of this address are admirable. It ignores the divisions which have heretofore existed amongst thoso who are opposed to the destructive principles and measures of the Radicals, and prepares the way for the earnest and hearty cooperation of all those who desire the perpetuation of the Union and the well-being of the States and of the people of this great country. This is in the true Democratic spirit, and as such we accept it, and give our voice to the proposed movement.
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“The Press on the National Convention,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed March 29, 2023,