The Freedmen's Bureau Bill

July 11, 1866


Southerners who oppose the Freedmen's Bureau are excited to learn that Johnson will unconditionally veto the new bill for the continuation of the bureau.


By a special telegraphic dispatch from our Washington correspondent it will be seen that President Johnson does not shun the issue that has boon forced upon him by the Northern Radicals, but will, in the exercise of his high functions, unconditionally veto the Freedmen's Bureau bill. The Radical leaders are exerting all their energy to overthrow the Constitution and the country, but President Johnson, justly relying upon the purity of his own motives and the support of all conservative men. meets them face to face and opposes to their frantic efforts the cool, deliberate action of a Chief Magistrate who has at heart the true interests of the nation, and whose determination to do right is only made the stronger by opposition, calumny, or abuse.
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