A Radical Caucus

July 12, 1866


Republicans are worried about the Conservative Convention, so they hold a caucus to determine their future action. Radicals are concerned they will not win the upcoming election.


The Republican Senators and Representatives, having the fear of the August Conservative Convention before their eyes, were to hold a caucus last evening to arrange a programme for future action, as well as to determine what course to pursue during the short remnant of the present session. The result of this family conclave may be important to the party ; and it was strongly hinted in Washington that their determination to inaugurate measures to prevent official appointments and removals by the President during the recess of Congress would be carried out. A new era is certain to bo inaugurated. It is believed by many that the proceedings of this caucus will be very revolutionary in their character. The movement shows conclusively that the Radicals are alarmed at the prospect of their defeat in the fall elections, as all present political manipulations bear upon the future. The hope of getting into favor with the President is hooted at by Republican politicians as absurd ; and all means are now being employed to counteract such influences as it is thought the Executive will use in the defence of his policy during the recess.
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