Letter From Washington

July 12, 1866


This is the busiest day for the House so far for their current session. The new tariff bill is discussed, and there is no doubt Republicans and Democrats are plotting to overthrow the Radicals in the upcoming election.


This has been, by all odds, the busiest day experienced by the House during the present Mission. The attendance was very full, and the greatest interest attached the different members to the animated discussion of the Tariff bill. It passed at a very late hour this evening by a majority of over forty, which was rather surprising, as the most zealous advocates of the bill have heretofore counted on no more than half of that in their favor. Great dissatisfaction is riot in the Republican camp-no two seem to be suited alike in the disposition of the measure, while the Eastern and Western members are at decided differences respecting in whose interest the bill most stands at the present juncture. Stevens could not have his own way, as there is great unwillingness to acknowledge the act as a party one, and is to-day intensely disgusted at the small(?) protection accorded railroad iron in its provisions. A lively time is anticipated in the Senate, and the speculations as to its defeat are no less mooted on account of its success in the House. There is not now the slightest doubt of the unity of the Democrats and Republicans in endeavoring to overthrow radicalism in the coining elections. The necessity tor such action, together with the demand lor prompt organization, has been for some time apparent. The Radicals are seriously alarmed, and propose all sorts of insane measures to counteract the influences which are setting against them; about the most nonsensical is a proposed September convention of Southern Union men (socalled), under the auspices of Hamilton, Botts, and others of like stripe.
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