September 11, 1866


Responding to a lecture by Forney, where he quotes a Virginian legislator who supported repudiation of confederate debts, a question is posed to Forney: to mark the difference between Confederate debt and State debt from a moral viewpoint.


Repudiation. Forney reads the Virginians a lecture upon the subject of repudiation. It was called out by the paragraph copied into this and others of the city journals from a Fredericksburg paper stating that one of the members of the Legislature had declared himself in favor of repudiation. Forney inquires whether if our sense of honor is satisfied by abuse of Radicals and Abolitionists? In reply, who would remark: that if ill becomes those who have made us repudiate the largest debt we owed to talk about honor in connection with the debts of the South; and we would like for Mr. Forney, if he can, to explain the difference between repudiating the Confederate debt and repudiating the State debt--we mean in a moral point of view, which is the one in which he has presented the question.
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