Threatening to "Mob"

September 13, 1866


Four white men were arrested because they threatened to mob Harrison Williams who is a "negro". All of the men work loading vessels on the river and a fight broke out among them during work. Justice Bodcker signed a warrant that was given to Captain Bibb so he could locate the men accused.


Threatening to "Mob."--Billy Wise, Kiah Macklin, Jordan Morris, and Billy Henderson were committed to the first station-house yesterday, charged with threatening to "mob" an American citizen of African descent named Harrison Williams. Each of the parties, it appears, pursues the respectable but laborious occupation of a stevedore. A quarrel arose among them on the dock in regard to the loading of a vessel, and the four taking sides against one, made threats against him of the most diabolical nature. This was more than the minority party could stand; so a warrant was procured from Justice Bodcker, which was placed in the hands of Captain Bibb, and the result was the arrest as above stated. The case will come before the Mayor this morning, when some rich developments may be expected.
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