Trampling on the Flag

September 13, 1866


An attack is thrown at the Washington Chronicle after it published an article accusing Richmond citizens, specifically those living near Malvern Hill, of disrespecting the American flag placed at Glendale Cemetery. Suggests that this story was fabricated to further tensions between the north and the south.


"Trampling on the Flag."--The Washington Chronicle is the most malignant of the unscrupulous Radical journals. It finds tools everywhere ready to engage in the same unholy work which it makes its chief business--the stirring up of ill-feeling between the northern and the southern people. In its issue of yesterday is a letter from Richmond under the above caption, which states as to the flag which was placed over Glendale Cemetery, near Malvern hill: "Last week this flag was torn down and trampled in the ground by some of the loyal people who live in the vicinity, who could find no other way of expressing their affection for the Government." This is news to us, who live so near the place. But the story is unworthy of credit. Unless someone was seen to tear down the flag and trample upon it, the fact could not be known; and if anyone was seen doing it, why was not that person arrested? Did some " rebel" who saw it tell on his companions? Then bring him up as a witness. Plainly, the whole object of the writer is to furnish the Radicals with political capital.
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