Address of the Radical National Committee

September 20, 1866


After the Radical convention the delegates released five steps they think the President should take in order to better the reconstruction effort. The convention said they are hopeful that they will win control of Congress after seeing the results from Vermont and Maine.


Address of the Radical National Committee New York, September 18.--The National Union Committee have issued a lengthy address to the American people, which will be published in tho morning papers. It is signed by Governor Ward, of New Jersey, chairman, and the representatives of every northern State and those of Delaware, Maryland, Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Virginia and Florida. After reviewing the cause and course of the rebellion and the President's plan of reconstruction since the rebellion was suppressed, the committee recommend and support by arguments the following five conditions of reconstruction: 1. That all persons born or naturalized in this country are henceforth citizens. 2. That representation shall hereafter be based on the number of people, of whatever race or color. [And all shall vote, of course.] 3. Ex-rebels shall not hold office until Congress removes the disability. 4. The national debt shall not be repudiated. 5. Congress shall have power to enforce the above. The committee say they find encouragement in the recent elections in Maine and Vermont, and expect the friends of the cause in other States to go and do likewise.
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