Radical Falsehoods

October 4, 1866


The newspaper accuses the Radicals of lying in order to ensure they win in the upcoming elections, then the Dispatch rebukes those false statements about General Lee and his role at Washington College and the connection to Virginia Military Institute.


Radical Falsehoods. In their desperate determination not to be defeated at the approaching elections in the northern States, the Radicals resort to all sorts of falsehoods to sustain their cause. In the last number of the Philadelphia Press (Forney's) we find the following: "The public may well be startled at the announcement that the President of the United States has been engaged in transferring arms from the possession of the Government to that of General Lee and a corporation of which he is the head. "There is in Virginia a military institute, over which Robert E. Lee presides. This institute was broken up by General Hunter, a native of Virginia, but a loyal soldier during the war, and the buildings and library were burned by him because they were used to train officers for the southern army. This institute has recently been reopened, and arms, including a battery, have been furnished for the students by the President of the United States." Now, this is a tissue of falsehoods. There is not one single truth in the statements so far as they apply to the present time. First. General Lee is the president of Washington College, and has no sort of connection with the Virginia Military Institute. The two institutions are rather rivals than otherwise. Secondly. The President of the United States has transferred no arms to the possession of the Virginia Military Institute. General Grant himself gave the orders alluded to, declaring at the time he consented to furnish the battery that the boys must be educated properly. Thirdly. Forney knew he was lying when he made these statements. There has been no report published in any shape or form from which he could have derived them. The facts have been given in no instance otherwise than as we have repeated them. He lied deliberately for the purpose of influencing the elections which are to take place in Pennsylvania next week.
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