The Iron-Clad Test Oath

October 6, 1866


Commenting on the Test Oath that is being proposed across the nation, the newspaper points out its implications. The editor says the real purpose of the test oath is aimed at banning anyone who won't support the Radical ticket.


The "Iron-Clad" Test Oath.--The editor of the Hannibal (Missouri) Republic has been reading the "iron-clad" test oath, and, it seems, to some advantage. He says that were he an applicant for registry the following are some of the questions that would be asked him under the law, and he undertakes to answer them in order: What is your name? Austin Brooks. Where do you now reside? Corner of Main and Bird streets, Hannibal. What is your age? Old enough to vote. Where were you born? Born in bed. How long have you resided in Missouri? Long enough to learn that Radicalism is an imposture and a humbug. How long have yon resided in this country? Well, say about as long as your arm? How long have you resided in this election district? Don't know how long the district is--may have resided here longer than the district. Are you well acquainted with the terms of the third section of the second article of the constitution of tho State of Missouri? Can't say. The men who made that section differ about it, and don't seem to be well acquainted with it themselves. Will you now recite the general requirements of that section? The chief requirements are that any one, white or black, who will vote the Radical ticket is a legal voter, and the other requirements are that if he can't vote the Radical ticket he can't vote at all.
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