The Case of Mr. Davis

October 10, 1866


After months of confusion as to whether or not Jefferson Davis will be tried in an American court for his crimes, it seems that he will in fact be tried. It is not for certain, but in a few days it should be made clear that he will be tried.


The Case of Mr. Davis--Where the Difficulty of Trial Lies. Washington, October 8.--There is good reason to say that in a few days the Jeff. Davis matter will be settled so far as the responsibility of the Administration for the trial of the prisoner is concerned. There is no doubt that some such action will be taken by the President as indicated in my dispatch of last week. Chief Jnstice Chase, Judge Underwood, the United States District Attorney for Virginia, and the United Slates Marshal, will be severally notified formally that Davis is held subject to the writ of the United States Circuit Court to answer the indictment found in that court. These officers of the law will be requested to take immediate custody of the prisoner, and relieve the Administration of further responsibility. Upon a showing to be made in a few days, in will be found that the responsibility for the trial, or delay in bringing it about, is with Judges Chase and Underwood.
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