Paupers Turned Over to the City of Richmond

October 18, 1866


Because rations are no longer being given out by the Freedmen's Bureau it has become a responsibility of the city to care for those formerly receiving aid. There are about 380 black citizens who the city is now responsible for feeding.


Paupers Turned Over to the City Of Richmond.--The number of persons to whom rations were issued by the U. S. Government, residing in Richmond and Henrico county, during the mouth of September last, was as follows: Adults and children, white, 265; adults and children, colored, 380. Total, 645. These people are about to be turned over to the city for support; that is, those that live within the corporate limits. Very few of the negroes to whom those rations have been issued belong to the city, but came here from the surrounding counties. Our citizens will have to support them, though these people have no claims on the community whatever.
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