Census of Negreos

October 23, 1866


The Freedmen's Bureau has been tasked with taking a census of the black population in Richmond and the surrounding area. The census will record the number of people, their gender, their literacy, and the color of their skin on a scale that includes "black " "mulatto" "quadroon" and "octoroon".


Census of Negroes.--The Freedmen's Bureau, under charge of Captain B. C. Cook, is taking a census of the colored population in this district, including Richmond. It is registering about 400 a day. The census returns include the color of the negro, and he is registered as "black, mulatto, quadroon, aud octoroon"; the sex, age, former owner, residence, and former residence, occupation; whether employed by the Government or former owner, or whether employed at all; whether aided by the Government; whether they can read and write; the amount of property they have; and whether they are able to work or not.
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