Proposed Modification of the Constitutional Amendment

October 27, 1866


There are proposed modifications to the Constitutional Amendment, however the Dispatch still opposes the amendment and those who support it. The editors say the modification do not change the amendments implications are merely a ploy by the Radicals to gain support.


Proposed Modification to the Constitutional Amendment.--The New Orleans Picayune says that Governor Wells, of Louisiana, has received from New York a letter mentioning certain modifications of the constitutional amendment which have been approved by leading men, and that these modifications have been sent to the Governors of all the unrepresented States. We attach no importance to this statement. The Radicals have no idea of lowering their tone or improving their terms in our favor. However, we give the proposed modifications. One is to add to section third, which disqualifies so many of our leading men, the following : "Unless since such rebellion he shall have proven his loyalty by his acts; and has not openly or secretly invited the people to rebel against such legislation as has been adopted by a two-thirds vote of Congress." The other Is to incorporate into section fourth (as to the validity of the public debt] the following : "And such debts shall be equalized throughout all the States according to the capacity and resources of each State."
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